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What we do
We custom design and provide made-to-measure shades, blinds, pergolas and awning systems; and quality installation and repair of awnings and coverings. Our company has a generous selection of top quality systems and fabrics available in an extensive range of prints, colors and textures.  We are centrally located in the historic suburban district of Byrona located in the heart of the city of Athens, in Greece.  Call us at 697 7287676 to book an appointment for a free consultation and estimate.  We take great pride in providing quality craftsmanship and competitive pricing to our customers.  We look forward to meeting with you, to find the ideal solution for shade and style.
this custom made-to-measure aluminum pergola fanning the contours of the outdoor patio in a high-rise apartment is one of our most cherished constructions.
The elegant design and engaging ambience is only surpassed by the panoramic view of the seaside and sunset horizon in the evening.

find more innovative and stylish solutions for shade and style in our photo album.