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Unleash Your Potential: Start Working from Home in PTC

Embrace the flexibility of PTC jobs and start working from home to earn money online.  Welcome to emoneybiz.gr, an educational blog about how to make real money in paid-to-click sites and faucets.  A computer, an internet connection, and quality malware protection is what your need to setup your workspace in the comfort of your own home.

I have applied my own user experience to create a learning platform creating content to explain effective marekting and optimization strategies to help you build a successful PTC downline builder site and drive organic traffic to it.  The real money to be made in the world of paid-to-click is not from clicking ads for cash and bitcoin satoshi; the passive income that comes from referral commissions earned by a network of direct referrals is where the real earning potential of free membership PTC programs lie.

You will learn how to build a successful PTC downline builder and how to strategically promote using various digital marketing strategies that are widely used in affiliate marketing.  In essence, you will learn how to market PTC as a niche by promoting the two key assets and the most attractive features of PTC offers.  Firstly, the free membership plan which speaks for itself.  No investment is needed to register and start earning on the platform; and no investment is needed to withdraw earnings.  Secondly, the referral commission is the bestselling feature to promote and it is the prospective earning potential for building a passive income from the network of direct referrals which is the most most lucrative or profitable way to earn money in PTC.

You will learn how to build a network of direct referrals and simultaneously optimize your site for organic search engine traffic to secure a daily flow of re-directed traffic from search engine crawlers or 'bots' to provide prospective referrals in order to maintain an optimum group of active direct referrals  in your network.

Further to this, the aim is to build a diversified portfolio of PTC sites in order to tap into the free traffic sites and free surf sites as a source of free advertising.  While you promote the top 5 elite PTC earning platforms in which you're strategically nurturing  to build a passive income from referral commissions, you are also using and promoting (earning  cash and ad credits) free traffic and surf sites that will generate more free advertising.

Building a diversified portfolio to expand the various crypto wallets on the cryptocurrency exchange is part of the diversification of sites and faucets listed in the PTC downline builder site.

Learn How to Drive Traffic like a Pro:  Optimize Site Structure & Use Keywords

Optimization for content and structure, and above all; researching to find the right keywords to optimize content and site structure is vital to your success in promoting PTC offers and building a large network of direct referrals.  I have delved into the dynamic of these various on-page SEO and off-page SEO to clarify key points.  And I have also provided resources of information from experts and free online tools to assist in your journey to successfully discovering your earning potential in PTC.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to install quality malware protection for your computer and to safeguard sensitive financial details such as the transaction ID and email address of e-payment wallets when posting proof of payment.  Not installing anti-malware protection is risky business. You risk damaging your computer and exposing yourself to identity theft.  In the paid-to-click industry sites are repeatedly attached by hackers despite the use of anti-malware protection and stepped up security protocols.  Also advertisements and downloads may contain viruses that create technical problems and violate your privacy.  Routinely do threat scans and clear browsing history to keep your computer functioning at an optimum level.  Permanently delete threats and viruses located in the 'history tab'.  Shut down, and then restart your computer.

Consult the following articles for essential tools you'll need to work from home in PTC.

Navigating the PTC World: Essential Tools for Home-Based Workers
Beginner's Guide to Bitcoin: Understanding the Fundamentals

The blog articles also discuss the hidden costs and the hidden risks in PTC, time-saving tips and recommendations, and user experience and insights.  For starters, you can begin by securing the basic tools you'll need to get paid for the work you do online, setting up your e-payment processors for cash and bitcoin.


One of the most widely used payment processor is PayPal, but it is not always an option for some sites and faucets in paid-to-click.  This means you may need to set up additional e-payment wallets like Payeer to get paid.  Explore what more PayPal has to offer.  You may choose to activate the PayPal APP to find your PayPal Referral Rewards Link.  Install the PayPal Honey Browser extension to your web browser to shop and save online.

You will need a micro-wallet to collect coins from faucets to withdraw to a crypto exchange, and from there to withdraw to PayPal or a bank account.  Faucet Pay is a popular choice, and it also has a monetize platform to earn coins.  Register with a cryptocurrency exchange to collect, store, and exchange coins for cash.  Coinbase is a popular and widely used crypto exchange that offers several benefits such as  learning rewards, PayPal deposit and withdrawal, bank and wire transfers.  You need a cryptocurrency exchange to store bitcoin and altcoins, convert coins to cash and deposit to your bank.

Track Logins & PTC Programs: Setup an Excel File

Organize your workspace to include easy access to login information and to copy paste referral links when launching advertising and creating sales assets.

Sales assets refer to banners, favicons, avatars, gravatars, info-graphics, logos, social media templates, and so forth that you will need to promote in affiliate marketing, and social media marketing and blogging.  Webmasters need to create a favicon and logo banner in affiliate marketing; clickers in PTC use avatars or gravatars rather than photos on forums and member profiles.  Use Canva to create your sales assets.  It's a free tool.  Upload the Free Version to your desktop. 

Canva, Graphics Designer Platform
Backlinks Drive Traffic: Become Our Link Partner

Building quality back-links is a long-term solution for optimum search engine traffic and visibility in search engine result pages.  Join Our Reciprocal Back-Link Exchange Program to boost traffic to your affiliate website or PTC downline builder.