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Bitcoin Faucet | minimum payout 50,000 coins BTC wallet; 30,000 to Doge, Litecoin and Dash wallets.  Earn bit in hourly faucet claims, click ads, do multi-tasking activities.  Activate the 5% interest on balance over 35,000 coins.  Interest is calculated daily, paid weekly.  This is passive income.


Bitcoin Faucet | minimum payout 0.00001000 or 1000 satoshi via FaucetPay.  Surf ads, do offerwalls, start staking and win prizes for article writing to earn more and faster.


5-Minute Bitcoin Faucet and PTC | minimum payout 2000 coins equal to $0.20 to FaucetPay and Payeer.  Minimum cash out to direct wallets is $7.  Automated exchange of credits earned in offerwalls to reach the minimum cash out faster.  Frequent random incentives include faster faucet timer.


9-Minute Bitcoin Faucet and PTC | minimum payout 5000 coins equal to 500 satoshi in Bitcoin paid out to FaucetPay; 20,000 satoshi to direct Bitcoin wallet on the exchange.  Do offerwalls to earn faster.


5-Minute Bitcoin Faucet and PTC | minimum payout to FaucetPay is 50 satoshi.  Frequent random incentives include lower cash out threshold, double faucet claims, faster timer.  Do offerwalls to earn and surprise bonus rewards from admin.

06 up-ads

Hourly Bitcoin Faucet and PTC | minimum payout 0.0002 BTC to direct wallet.  Use the credits earned to promote your site.  They offer a lifetime ad format for advertisers by paying forward a balance of 50,000 ad credits receive a lifetime banner. This is free advertising.


Micro-wallet | Click ads to earn bits.  Swap coins. Cash out in 13 cryptocurrencies to direct wallets.  Recommend withdraw a substantial amount of coins as wallets have a minimum deposit and dust transactions are not credited.  Withdrawal fees apply.


Traffic Exchange | minimum payout $1 via PayPal, Payeer, Skrill.  Click Bonus Ads to earn free advertising and cash, submit reward points to win in weekly lotteries for cash and a free monthly upgrade.


Bitcoin Faucet | includes revenue share , PTC, offers, shortlinks.  Low payout 300 satoshi to FaucetPay.


Surf Site | is an all-in-one platform offering PTC, revenue share, ad grid, traffic exchange in which you earn $0.03 daily plus bonus cash prizes.  You must have one active site in the traffic exchange to cash out to PayPal, Zelle, Bitcoin wallet, Amazon, Cashapp (US members only).  Minimum cash out $5.

11 leads leap

Traffic Exchange and Monetize for PTP and PPC | The minimum payout is $10 via PayPal and bitcoin wallet.  Or, pay it forward to purchase a PRO Membership.  Leads Leap provides free advertising for clicking a minimum of 10 ads to earn $0.01 daily, and free members also have access to free email marketing and  promotional tools.

12 TRAFFIC ad bar

Traffic Rotator and Exchange | Unique format that boosts traffic to your links effortlessly, on autopilot.  Active surfers receive free guaranteed views to their links.  The exchange is based on a points system.  As you surf, you earn points, at every 25 sites visited you earn bonus points.  The more you surf, the more points you earn as you travel higher up the ladder to receive more visitors to your sites/links on the exchange.  Receive extra reward points for completing your profile.

13 easyhits4u

Traffic Exchange | minimum payout $3 via Solid Trust. Pay. Earn free advertising and cash prizes.  Earn $0.10 for each new referral that surfs 100+ sites.  Free promotional tools available to free members.

14 rotate4all

Paid To Promote Traffic Rotator | minimum payout $5via a variety of payment wallets including PayPal.  Surf 1000 ads to earn $0.27 daily.  Unlimited referrals and incentive rewards include reduced number of surf ads from 1000 to 750.

15 king exchange

Surf For Cash and Credits | for free advertising on their exchange.  Surf 20 ads to claim daily bonus.  Receive 500 coins and $1.15 per new signup and 20% referral commission.  NOTE!  Your referral must visit at least 15 sites on the exchange to receive your commission.  Convert coins to cash and minimum withdrawal to PayPal is $20.

16 like4like

Free Social Media Exchange | Receive free credits for LIKING or buy credits to advertise on major social media networks.


Instant pay out

1-Minute to 5-minute Faucets

Instant deposit to FaucetPay.  Use these quick coin faucets to activate your daily FaucetPay click ads.  NOTE!  The faucets occasionally tap out of funds, but they do refill their balances for the next business day.  P.S.  Click some ads to support these faucet owners.

01 claim free coins

1-Minute Faucets | claim 15 different cryptocurrency coins with a daily limit of 151 claims.  Instant deposit to FaucetPay.

02 star coins

Star Coins 1-Minute Faucets | claim 15 crypto coins with a daily limit of 177 claims.  Instant deposit to FaucetPay.

03 claim clicks

3-Minute Faucets | claim 13 different cryptocurrency coins with no daily limit.  Share your referral link and earn 25% commission.  Instant deposit to FaucetPay.

04 litecoin Crypto rotator

Free Litecoin Faucet High Rewards | You claim 2939 satoshi in litecoin every minute with a daily limit of 10 claims. Share your referral link to earn 20% commission.  Instant withdrawal to FaucetPay.

05 bitcoin crypto rotator

Free Bitcoin Faucet High Rewards | You claim 4 satoshi in bitcoin every minute with a daily limit of 10 claims, 20% referral commission, and instant deposit to FaucetPay.

06 solana crypto rotator

Free Solana Faucet High Rewards | You claim 3068 satoshi in solana every minute with a daily limit of 12 claims, 20% referral commission, and instant deposit to FaucetPay.

07 Ethereum crypto rotator

Free Ethereum Faucet High Rewards | You claim 82 satoshi in ethereum every minute with a daily limit of 20 claims, 20% referral commission, and instant deposit to FaucetPay.

08 doge network

Doge Network | You decide how often to claim online, or download the App available on Google Play.

09 0 to 4 minute timers 

The commission is 15% .



    01 free

    Hourly Bitcoin Faucet | minimum auto payout is 30,000 satoshi.  Win lottery tickets, reward points, and satoshi spin the Wheel of Fortune rewards.  Compound daily interest begins at the minimum balance of 30,000 satoshis.


    Hourly Ethereum Faucet | Win free ethereum steady 38 ether and reward points, do surveys to earn more and faster.  Generous referral commissions include 50% base prize; 0.40% wager; 25% base daily interest. The account is also a savings wallet to receive compound daily interest on balances 0.00003750 ETH.  This is passive income.  Countdown to next automated payout. Minimum cash out to FaucetPay 125 satoshi ETH (0.00000125) no transactions fees; transaction fees for direct wallet 0.00400000 ETH.

    03 free-btc-org

    Hourly Bitcoin Faucet | earn extra daily with PTC, daily Bonus Claims, and repeat bonus claims to earn more and faster, built-in miner. Hourly claim 4 satoshi plus reward points.  A generous PTP offer to earn 1 satoshi in the balance for each unique click through on your referral link.  For example, 1000 clicks equals 1000 satoshi.  The offer further opportunity to increase earning by completing tasks and offers to receive FBC tokens (native coin) to exchange on their exchange for bitcoin. Referral commissions are extensive earning 50% for Free BTC, 25% for Bonus BTC, 15% for Bonus Fire BTC, 20% for PTC views, and 10% for offers, mining, and betting hi-lo.

    04 bnb

    Hourly Binance Faucet | Binance coin is the native currency of Binance Exchange. Hourly claim is 300 BNB.  Compound interest program starting at the minimum balance of 0.0003 BNB (30, 000 coins or 100 faucet claims at 300 BNB per claim. A generous referral commission program: 50% for free BNB, 25% BNB earned; 0.40% for betting). Minimum withdrawal to FaucetPay 1000 coins and no transaction fees, Transaction fees 0.0001500 BNB apply for direct wallet minimum transaction of 0.06 BNB.

    bitcoin transactions & marketing



    Cryptocurrency Exchange | provides a user friendly platform and friendly customer service to facilitate your crypto banking needs, and assistance completing the verification processes.  Swap coins, withdraw to PayPal and direct bank account.  Incentive rewards program to complete tutorials.

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    Payeer |  offers transaction in a variety of altcoins and currencies.  It has a user-friendly interface for bitcoin transactions, and they also have prompt and friendly customer service.  Review the details online to decide if Payeer is right for you.

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    PayPal |  reputation for money transactions and customer service is the best.  They offer a monetize app to upload for more saving while shopping online.  You can review detail about the Honey App online.  Coinbase also facilitates deposit  and withdrawal via PayPal.

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    Web Browser Bitcoin Miner | is a user friendly platform, easy installation, monitoring and withdrawal process. Minimize the browser or open in a new window while working online.  It continues to mine satoshis in the background.  Withdrawal is available upon request and confirmation. Paid directly to bitcoin wallet on the exchange.

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    SYSTEME.IO Free Marketing Funnel System | This is a gift for affiliate marketers and newcomers who can practice using a free version of market funnels.  Systeme offers 3 marketing funnels, and a vast library of free tutorials  and more software and tools.  Limited time offer to download the free version.

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    Why Do I Click

    Mastering the Art of Passive Income: PTC Strategies for Financial Freedom

    The extensive portfolio is in no way indicative of my daily routine of clicking.  I maintain an active status on these sites to use free traffic sites for advertising a select group of 5 earning platforms that I promote using free advertising in paid-to-click and digital marketing strategies used in affiliate marketing.  The goal is to build a large network of direct referrals and generate passive income from referral commissions and referral purchases. 

    In this PTC Blog you will find articles about traffic generation and lead generation strategies which are commonly used in affiliate marketing, and they can be effectively applied in PTC.  Further to this, by optimizing the elements of the web pages in your PTC Downline Builder website, by building high quality backlinks, and by using digital marketing strategies to promote earning platforms in PTC, you can harness the power of free organic traffic that search engines redirect to your website and links.   Search engines redirect new visitors to your website who are potential direct referrals.  To paraphrase, organic traffic is free advertising and it a long-term solution for traffic as opposed to PPC (pay-per-click) paid advertising (which is a short-term solution.)

    As a PTC marketer your goal is to build a large network of direct referrals and  maintain an optimum level of direct referral activity in order to build a passive income from referral commissions. Optimizing for organic traffic is how you maintain this desired optimum level of activity.  The daily surge of free organic traffic that redirects users to your website as potential members for your PTC earning platforms is how you can grow your network and replenish irregular or inactive direct referrals with new active referrals.

    Treat PTC as a niche and promote the bestselling features these earning platforms offer.  Firstly, the free membership plan; and secondly, the earning potential.  The real money is not in clicking for cash and crypto which may be a leisurely activity, but it is not a lucrative solution to making money online.  The real money lies in determining the earning potential users can achieve in generating passive income from referral commissions.  To paraphrase, the real money is in other people clicking for you.

    There are many benefits of using digital marketing strategies to improving the search engine optimization of your PTC downline builder for better visibility in the search engine result pages, and to build a large network of direct referrals and loyal followers.  These digital marketing platforms are also monetized which means you have the potential to create multi-income streams as a PTC marketer.  Further to this, there are several side-hustles that utilize unique digital marketing strategies that can also be applied to PTC.

    Optimizing Your Portfolio with Time & Work Management

    Build a Diversified Portfolio

    Firstly, it's important to balance your time and work management schedule.  Clicking all day, day after day isn't healthy business. And secondly, while clicking for leisure, I have an opportunity to explore what's trending on the internet and subsidize my bitcoin wallet for long-term savings on the cryptocurrency exchange.  And these are the reason why I click.

    If you sign up using my referral link in the sites and faucets contained in this portfolio, and in other various activities and products in this website; you become a direct referral and I earn a commission from your daily clicking and activities such as completing offers and doing surveys, as well from purchases made.

    Maintain an Active Status 

    I login and click enough ads to be eligible to collect referral commissions.  And this is how I generate passive income through the paid to click marketplace, and find time to explore other income opportunities; and to learn about what's trending on the ether.

    This is how I discovered the business of bitcoin.  At the onset it was affectionately referred to as the 'magic internet money'.  It has indeed proven to be "magical".  Today, bitcoin has surpassed $50,000 and it hasn't fallen lower than $15,000.

    Get Direct Referrals

    Much in the way members on social media channels strive to build a following in order to monetize their presence with passive income from shared revenue in advertising; I also strive to build a strong line of direct referrals to earn passive income from paid to click.

    And this explains both the 'why' and 'how' I click on a daily basis to collect passive income.  I periodically reinvest the balance to boost free advertising already a bonus on most traffic exchange and rotator sites in order to maintain an optimum level of activity and ensure an optimum level of potential earnings in the paid to click marketplace.

    I strongly recommend that you strive to do the same.  It is well worth the time and effort to acquire a group of direct referral to earn, while you only need to maintain an active status to be eligible to collect commissions from their clicking and activities.

    Use Minimum Withdrawal Threshold

    Periodically, I withdraw coins for long-term safe-keeping and investment on the exchange.  I have found Coinbase to be most transparent, helpful, generous, and polite.  Customer service is prompt, thorough, and courteous.  They understand that most people are new to cryptocurrency, and at the rate of innovative development of new coins, blockchains, and projects; it's no wonder they pay you to learn through their Learning Incentive Program.

    Select a few sites and faucets to build a good-sized group of direct referrals (as small as 10) that are real people.  People have good and bad days, so these direct referrals may sometimes become irregular or slow down, but they usually never stop earning passively for you.

    Use Free Advertising

    Use free advertising from traffic and rotator sites, which are usually monetized to help you earn while clicking ads for credits to convert to cash.  Leads Leap has PTP and PPC.  Heed You allows you to earn more money clicking Bonus Ads and using Bonus Points to enter lotteries for cash.  Bonus points can be used for free advertising.  Every time you purchase an ad pack you receive 5000 bonus points for each dollar spent in paid advertising.  It's difficult to run short of free advertising in Heed You.   You,  click the daily PTC ads to earn cash, use the Bonus Points to advertise and win more cash through lotteries. 

    Free advertising works.  EasyHits4U, Traffic Ad Bar, and King Exchange work in similar way.  Explore them for yourself.

    I also recommend periodically reinvesting  the cash balance in these traffic, surf, and rotator sites to purchase advertising to grow network and maintain an optimum level of 'active' referrals that will secure an 'optimum level' of passive income.  This is why there is such 'hoopla' about getting more traffic and getting more referrals.

    "The income opportunity in Paid-to-Click programs is not in clicking ads for cash.  It's in other people clicking ads on a daily basis for you.
    - Yours Truly, E-Money Biz admin

    Promote Using a Downline Builder and Crafty Splash Pages

    Create a downline builder to promote all your links on a single web page, and use free advertising to promote the downline builder.

    Use eMoneySpace to centrally locate your referral programs on a single web page to help you stay organized in your daily clicking, and to promote your referral programs more efficiently and effectively.

    Join eMoneySpace

    Create a free account at to create a downline builder website with splash pages for all your referral programs that you can promote separately through free advertising traffic sites.

    Visit Wix.Com

    In closing, use your time and energy rather than money to get referrals to your Paid-to-Click programs.  Use the various features these site and faucets offer to increase your balance effortlessly such compounding interest for holding a set amount in the balance.  Strive to build a large-sized group of direct referrals to earn passive income from referral commissions.  Maintain an active group of direct referrals in your programs by utilizing digital marketing strategies, free traffic sites, and optimizing for organic traffic and better ranking in the search engine result pages.  Promote strategically and use the free membership plan to effectively and efficiently grow a multi-level network of active direct referrals that will generate passive income from referral commissions and purchases.  Strive to boost your earning potential with these free-money sites to build a successful online business and multiple income streams as a PTC marketer.

    E-Money Biz admin



    Multi Level Marketing Networks (MLM) require investment and involve risk.

    It may prove to be a ponzi scheme; defined as "an investment fraud in which investors are promised big profits at little or no risk.  DON'T INVEST money you can't afford to lose.

    This multi-marketing network Join The Wave involves purchasing a position starting at $10 and progress through matrix levels by inviting more people to invite and activate the next wave.  Members work in teams attracting new affiliates.  Digital products are sold on the exchange using 'Lets Multiply' coins.